• Combination of specific hair clays.


  • Castor oil, containing minerals, protein, vitamin E, omega 6 and 9.


  • Sunscreen to prevent damage caused by sun exposure .


  • No coloring, no fragrance added.

Product Information

Power Clay consists of carefully selected ingredients. Predominantly made ​​of natural clays with the addition of castor oil, sunscreen and carnauba wax.


Strong Hold - creates a dry, matt look and feel with flexible hold.


The function of Power Clay is to give structured hair. The choice of components not only achieves the objective but it can also provide true benefits to the hair.

The clays deliver various minerals required for the natural shine of hair, whilst absorbing toxins and eliminating excess oils .

Castor oil is known to help in reducing hair loss, strengthening the hair, reduce dryness, leaving hair more silky and healthy, mitigate the harmful effects caused by chemical and dryers.


Ideal for short and medium hair.

Matt Texturizer Clay

Strong Hold

Structured Style

Recommended for a more formulated look.


Ideal for an evening look with texture and style.


As a strong-holding matt product, structured hairdos are easily acchievable without giving itself away with any shine. 

how to apply


Place a small ammount of Power Clay on the palms and rub hands with intensity.


Start the application from back to front, mold the hair while applying the product.

For better results, apply it on blow dried hair.


The style is up to you . Structure the hair according to your taste. The hair becomes more structured when a hair brush or comb is used. Use your finges to leave a more natural look .

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