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‘Men´s skin and hair are structured differently from women´s. Therefore, it demands treatment bespoke for men. Men´s skin is prone to irritation, redness and oiliness. We should choose 
products developed specifically for us’. David Dandi


We develop high quality botanical products with vegan formulations using natural, organic and certified ingredients from the Amazon forest. 

We are distinguished by nature, high-performance is our essence and ethic is our choice.

Male cosmetics with conscience.


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Our products are developed with ingredients selected following the criteria: vegan, natural, organic, certified and/or  from the Amazon forest.

The intention is to use raw materials which are not only vegan, but also free from petroleum, Fenoxietanol and harsh chemicals. Additionally, our ingredients are supplied by companies with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility.

To ensure the transparency of our formulations, we specify the proportions of natural/certified raw materials on each product´s packaging.

Supplyer´s certifications:

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