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Created to meet the distinct needs of the conscious man, the David Dandi brand develops and produces high quality botanical products with vegan formulations using natural, organic and certified ingredients.

We are distinguished by nature, high-performance is our essence and ethic our choice.

distinguished by nature

Our formulations are mostly natural. We believe in the superiority of raw materials in their most rustic form. That is, when extracted directly from nature in simple processes, free from aggressive chemical reactions and use of synthetic agents that drastically alter the chemical structure and effectiveness of the natural product.

high-performance is our essence

We believe in the superior performance of raw materials created by the force of nature on its own. Therefore, we constantly seek, where possible, to use organic ingredients, produced without interference from any artificial processes. To ensure the effectiveness of our products we use certified ingredients, such as Eco Cert and Organic Brazil.

ethics is our choice

We are a 100% vegan brand, therefore our line is produced without inferring any cruelty to animals. Our organic certified raw materials are of sustainable origin, where renewable practices in the extraction processes are applied, reducing the consumption of energy and water as well as aggression to the soil. We seek suppliers with certifications that promote fair trade of Brazilian biodiversity, ensuring ethical supply practices. We proudly manufacture in Brazil and obtain a large part of our natural raw material from the Amazon. In addition, none of our raw materials come from livestock activity. Thus, we minimize the carbon footprint of each product as well as the water consumption in the production chain.

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